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Frequently Asked Question

Drivers can use the Electronic Logbook App to create DVIRs. The DVIRs created in the app can be accessed by fleet managers by viewing the AMPM ELD Portal (Dashboard).

A driver’s driving time will be automatically recorded as long as the driver connects their mobile device to the ELD via Bluetooth and the vehicle is registered in the AMPM ELD App. A vehicle is considered to be in motion if it is traveling over 5 mph.

No. For safety reasons, drivers are not able to access their logs when the vehicle is in motion and the AMPM ELD Electronic Logbook App is connected to the vehicle’s ELD. The screen will instead display how much driving time is left in their cycle. As soon as the vehicle is stationary, however, the driver will be able to navigate the AMPM ELD App at will.

Yes. The AMPM ELD uses multiple prevention methods to prevent it from being tampered with. It also continues to record all driving time despite a driver not connecting their mobile device to the ELD over Bluetooth.

Yes, the AMPM ELD Electronic Logbook App is compatible with most iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Android operating systems must be version 5.1 or later. iPhone and iPad operating systems must be version 8.0 or later. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to use such devices without access to a cellular connection, making it an affordable option for fleets with limited data, but they will need access to Wi-Fi in order to connect to the internet and synchronize with the AMPM ELD server.

Sleeper Split 3/7

When a 3 (or 2) hours rest period (Off Duty or Sleeper) is taken first, ELD will still count it towards the 14-hour window and display a violation if a driver drives outside the 14-hour window. However, after the second rest period (7 or 8 hours Sleeper) is taken, ELD adjusts the hours and removes the above violation.

Sleeper Split 8/2

When an 8 (or 7) hours rest period (Sleeper) is taken first, ELD will NOT count it towards the 14-hour window. Note that a driver is required to take a second rest break (2 or 3 hours Off Duty/Sleeper) for Sleeper Split to work.

To be on the safe side just add a note to your logs when you use sleeper split so if you were stopped when showing a violation you can explain that you are using sleeper split and the app is not fully adjusted yet and if he needs a confirmation from us just give us a call at (800) 846-4652 option 2 (technical support) and we will handle it.

In order to sign up with us please speak to our sales department. They will create an account and provide the credentials.

Most likely, yes. You can make sure of this when you order your electronic logging device. The AMPM ELD can be plugged into all standard 6-pin, 9-pin, or OBDII diagnostic ports. For Mack or Volvo trucks made after 2013, AMPM ELD can provide special cable harnesses. For added safety, AMPM ELD also provides you with Y-cables to hide any cables behind the trim panel and out of the way of drivers’ legs.

Data overages aren’t a problem for users of AMPM ELDs, as they typically use about 100 MB of data a month, making them an affordable option. Most cellular plans allow for 1-10 GB of data a month. That’s X times more data than the ELD uses.

No. Drivers can use both the AMPM ELD and Electronic Logbook App while offline. If they need to back up data or share logs with their employer, however, they will need to connect to Wi-Fi. To avoid relying on public Wi-Fi or hotspots, AMPM ELD recommends having a cellular data plan to rely upon for regular usage.

Yes, AMPM ELD supports both. Drivers can use the app to select either Yard Move or Personal Conveyance as a special driving category. If the driver starts their route after selecting Personal Conveyance in the AMPM ELD App, the driving that the ELD records will be classified as Off-duty time. In contrast, if the driver starts their route after selecting Yard Move in the AMPM ELD app, the driving that the ELD records will be classified as On-duty time.

However, whether the Yard Move and Personal Conveyance categories are enabled for driver selection is up to the discretion of fleet managers, who can enable or disable them in the AMPM ELD Dashboard.

How does ELD work and function?

ELD devices are synchronized with vehicles, driver apps and the fleet manager portal